Going places that aren’t London.

TV can take you places. Granted it’s mostly places like Hull, Scunthorpe and Bishop’s Stortford. Yes, i’d never heard of it either.  Oh and London. A lot. If you don’t like the idea of being in London a lot, don’t work in TV.

Summer of 2016 was spent travelling the UK with Children’s TV legends Dick & Dom on a brilliant CBBC series called Absolute Genius. Essentially breaking down huge engineering principles into content that children (and me) can understand. It’s really good. There’s a nice promo for the series here it here .

Fortunately for a few of us, these engineering stories had roots around the world, so the travel for this series included 2 weeks in the USA and a short trip to Austria.

file_005 file_003
I was producing an episodes looking at water slides and rollercoasters (someone had to didn’t they) so I found myself with Dick & Dom in Vegas, in a water park they’d shut down for us. OK, I asked them to and we had to pay for the pleasure but it was a surreal moment.

file_002 file_0001

The foreign trips alone took us deep under an Austrian mountain, up the One World Trade Center, cooking bacon in the Nevada desert, inside the Hoover Dam and underneath the San Fransisco City Hall to name a few. Oh and eating chilli from a bread bowl, what’s not to love about that.











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