Not filming animals for Nat Geo

When you tell people you’re travelling the world filming a series for National Geographic they’ll immediately assume you’re off to Africa or the jungles of South America. Almost. Quite a lot of it was spent in a chicken shed in Hull.

Supercar Megabuild is a series by Endemol Shine North for Net Geo that takes cars that are already top of their game and turn them into drifting, rallying, carrying beasts. The trailer for it is here:

As well as the finest chicken shed come car workshop in Hull we got to travel to some amazing places. Taking an Audi R8 to Marathon to perform in a huge drift competition, a Maserati Gibli to do 200mph in LeMans, a Porche 914 racing on a Swedish snow rally track to name a few.

The big daddy of them all was the month in Mexico with a little pit stop in Vegas to film the build of a Jag and a Hummer H2. 4 weeks in Tijuana was… experience. And one that I’ll never forget.

This job throws some situations at you. Getting on a private plane to LeMans with Jodie Kidd was definitely one. Spending a month in Tijuana with a member of Boyzone was another. Shane Lynch led the show along with mechanic and fabricator Dan Barruffo. I’d never met Shane before but knew he was big in the drifting scene. That man can drive.

The lads (and lady) of TJ.

Can’t go to Mexico without watching a bit of the ol’ Lucha.

Filming in a hot, dusty wasteground is always fun. Especially when your car doesn’t work. We ran out of fuel. That happened a lot.

IMG_1824 1
Busy not working in the workshop in Tijuana.

Staying in one hotel for weeks on end did bring out the Partridge in me and really seeing Mexican culture was a brilliant but in this gig, when you’ve got a kid, working away for extended periods of time does get hard. Probably should mention my wife here too. Never mind, she won’t read this.

Felt good to get on the long flight home via a night in beautiful San Diego. I’ve never been so glad to see London. And of course to top it all off, British Airways didn’t bother putting 6 cases of camera kit on the flight home. Which was nice to deal with in Manchester Airport…

IMG_1966 1




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