Corporate work

The words ‘corporate video’ make me think of an episode of The Office where David Brent and his staff have a training session. Many things make me think of The Office but that’s another story. In this particular episode they watch a Customer Care Video that parodies corporate films. In fact, just watch it, here.

It has it all – corny script, dodgy acting, cheesy 80’s production values, the lot. Very funny in sitcom world.

Not so funny when your business pays for a video service and what you get in return is something that looks exactly like it. Someone forgot to tell your local corporate video firm that ‘Who Cares Wins?’ was a satire.

Times have changed. Tastes and technology have moved one and so have we. So why is the world of corporate video stuck in the 1990’s?*

I don’t do much corporate stuff as this and TV work each tend to be full on and committing to one takes you away from the other. However I’m setting up a separate company to do the occasional corporate gig – Knight Films (took me years to come up with the title). In fact I did a little shoot recently:

And again this is related to my hobbies and interest – if a small B&B in the Lakes wants a video I’d quite happily come off a big shoot for National Geographic one day and shoot for them the next.

Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there: info @

*There ARE some great local video companies out there, don’t get me wrong. And in all fairness, some people and companies have REALLY stepped up their game and are producing some impressive stuff.
– My lawyer made me write that.