FILM: Gallaghers Gym

This is an inside look into the world of Joe Gallagher who many describe as the best professional boxing trainer in Britain -­ and his stable of talented fighters.

And vimeo:

No script, no re-takes, just real life inside one of the most successful gyms in British boxing history.

Thank you to Gloves Community Centre, Total Fitness in Bolton & Team Khan – and of course to Joe and his fighters for allowing this film to happen.

Very few people in boxing understand the benefits social media and how something like that can be good for his fighters. Boxing is often a very closed sport but Joe understood straight away what I was aiming for and was incredibly welcoming and positive about filming. It required a couple of icy, early mornings in the middle of the moors, a good few days filming in the gym and a lot of late nights editing.

And no, it’s not Gallagher’s Gym. His logo doesn’t include the apostrophe, so I didn’t include it either…


Canon 5d / 7d / 600d
Final Cut Pro
Zoom H4 / Zoom H2

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