Online films

On top of TV work I make short films purely because as well as being my job, it’s something I love doing.  If the right opportunity presents itself or something inspires me to make a film about it, I will. That said, they’re a good few years old now due to  being lucky enough to be very busy with the day job.

They’re all zero budget films, so although looking half decent they’re a mile off what’s possible with the backing of a production company and a budget for the best kit, crew and production team. They’re just me shooting alone on and old DSLR but people seem to connect with the content.

The 3 short films I’ve made have ended up on TV in some shape or from Channel 4, National Geographic, Box Nation, Sky News and S4C. Plus various other formats around the world. But they were designed for online use for people to watch for free, and at the last glance they’ve been watched by around 100k people which ain’t too shabby for little side projects.

lucas movie
I like to tell the stories of people and also incorporate my main hobbies/interests such as the outdoors, boxing & comedy. Always on the look out for projects to work on – get in touch if you have something that might tickle my fancy. Don’t think I’ve ever said ‘tickle my fancy’ before…

Anyway, the links are below:

FILM: Gallaghers Gym
FILM: The Spring Snow Disaster
FILM: Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne
Other Films