Other Films

A few other films I’ve made:

For a new series of A Question of Sport I was asked to put together a web promo in the theme of Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. A quick search for a local boxing club and borrowing a few people from the office and we finished with this.

…and Reservoir Dogs was next, again roping in whoever was available from the office.

A walk through beautiful English countryside.

Just bought a Gorillapod DSLR and thought i’d test it one morning and do a quick video. Any excuse to get out into the fields really…

Filmed at Pendle Hill in Lancashire – the area of the pendle witch stories.

All filmed on a 600d with simply the kit lens. No ND filter, no other equipment other than the gorillapod.

The hard work & dedication required to be a boxer. A training montage with a difference.

I wanted the look to be not just old but jerky, almost faulty footage. It was just a little effect I was playing around with and I really wanted to use this track for something. It’s haunting yet beautiful. It’s Johnny Cash singing it so how can it not be great? One of the best cover versions ever.

Clips taken from the Gallaghers Gym short film & also footage previously unseen.
See the full film vimeo.com/37429208

A few quick shots of the woodland around Barley, Lancashire.
Aitken Wood is also home to The Pendle Sculpture Trail – sculptures dotted around the woodland. Each one is linked to the local history of the Pendle Witches.

No planning or prep went into the shoot, it was just a quick walk in the woods.
Shot on a 600d and cut in FCP.

Track: On Track (Orchestra Instrumental) – Ian Brown

A collection of shots taken from Ricky Hatton’s Gym in Hyde.

Music: Reign by UNKLE ft. Ian Brown. Purchase here:


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